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ECU Workshop

Educational CTF Workshop with ISSA

Learner's Section: ECU 2020

On October 3, 2020, StormCTF will be working with ECU and Raleigh ISSA to go over a CTF workshop. The attending group will be getting familiar with a CTF environment while StormCTF is able to test the stability of the network under remote stress. The 2020 InfoSeCon StormCTF Learner's subnet will be available for play.


The network that you will be accessing to participate in the Capture the Flag event is considered HOSTILE. This means that bad things can happen to your machine while connected to the VPN. By participating in this event you accept the risk and understand it's a bad idea to use a device that has irreplaceable or confidential information on it.

Learners Section

This is where the write ups for the Learners Section are located. Those interested in Red Teaming and Capture the Flags can follow these guides while having a hands on experience.


IMPORTANT: The following steps are to be done PRIOR to arriving for the event.
  • VMWare Fusion (Or PRO) Trial
    • VMWare Fusion PRO is recommended if you purchase one.
    • VirtualBox is NOT Recommended
  • Kali Linux Virtual Machine Installed
Kali Linux

If you installed Kali Linux as your main OS on your laptop, you're good to go!

Connecting to the VPN

NOTE: You must do this at the event. VPN details will not be made public.

The following steps will get you connected to the VPN. Please follow them to completion or your connection may not be successful.

  1. Once you've set up your Kali VM, navigate to the given URL for retrieving your VPN OVPN file and fill out the required information.
  2. Type openvpn <firstname-lastname>.ovpn (For example: openvpn alex-williams.ovpn). You MUST leave this open throughout the session. One option is to right click the window and click "Move to Workspace Down".
    1. Wait for "Initialization Sequence Completed" to appear before moving forward
  3. Check your IP by typing ifconfig tun0. It should be a 10.10.0.x address.
  4. Finally, Verify you can get to the scoreboard by typing https://scoreboard.storm.ctf (or into your browser window.
    1. If you cannot get to the scoreboard, type
      sed -i '1s/^/nameserver\\n/' /etc/resolv.conf
      into your terminal and try again.


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