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Meet the Team

Volunteers since 2015



Project Lead / Designer

Alex has been in the IT industry since he can remember. Moving into security when he was 20, he's never looked back at the Systems Administration world. Judo is his second love.



Assistant Project Lead / Assistant Designer

Always tinkering, Paul loves problem solving. Served in the Marines for five years fixing hardware as a Radio Systems Repairer. While off duty, he learned programming and hacking to work towards a career in Security Research.



Assistant Project Lead / Assistant Designer

Curtis is an Infantry veteran turned cyber security enthusiast. Passionate about InfoSec | Penetration Testing | DFIR & Tacos!



Lead Tester / Assistant Designer

Parker is a key tester in our challenges. Loves to tinker and take on problems that many others shy away from. Spent over 7 years inside of a prison facility and figures why not take that knowledge and migrate it to the IT industry.



Business Coordinator / Tester

Trey's role with our organization varies among the professional and the testing side. With a background in law enforcement, he's used to hard work and at StormCTF, there's plenty of it! We keep him busy, and he definitely holds his own.



Tester / Lead Trainer

Alyse is a very skilled information security professional. She's also a wonderfully talented vocalist! If some of the challenges seem impossible, they're not! Just thank Alyse's 'creatively evil' side for the headache.



Tester / Assistant Designer

Pete has a strong background in offensive security. He is here to help keep our challenges realistic but challenging! He's been a mentor to most of us since the beginning and we welcome him with open arms.



Assistant Designer / Tester

Austin is a highly talented dude. His discoveries and tool building skills will no doubt be a cornerstone to our process and skillset.



Assistant Designer / Automation Engineer

Joaquim is a master of Windows. This guy knows his way around your Active Directory better than you. He's an extremely talented automation engineer and we're ecstatic to have him join StormCTF!

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