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Storm CTF

Countdown to InfoSeCon 2019


The timer has started. Will you be ready?

StormCTF will be hosting the CTF for Triangle InfoSeCon 2019! We've been building all year. See you there and Good Luck!

Latest Blog Entry

Alyse has compiled a wonderful Open Source Intelligence guide. Click below to read it!

Previous Events

Cyber Patriots 2018

StormCTF hosted a CTF Workshop for the Cyber Patriots group in Cary, North Carolina at the RTP Headquarters on November 30. This event was invite only!

InfoSeCon 2018: Success!

StormCTF hosted the CTF for Triangle InfoSeCon 2018! Congratulations to the winners! We'll update the site with walkthroughs and statistics as we can. You can also see up to date info on our Twitter!

ECU 2018 CTF Workshop

StormCTF will be at ECU campus for a Learner's CTF workshop with Raleigh ISSA on October 10, 2018. Be sure to register fast if you would like to participate. ECU students only unless granted elsewhere.

OCC 2018 Internal CTF

StormCTF will be at The Options Clearing Corporation for an internal competition with the Learner's section of the 2018 CTF infrastructure. OCC Employees only.

Ladies in I.T. 2018 CTF Workshop

StormCTF was at the RTP headquarters on June 22 for the Ladies in IT workshop. Trey and Paul were physically there to support the event, while Alex remotely managed the infrastructure. Thanks to ISSA Raleigh for putting it all together. I am sure we learned just as much as the participants!

ECPI 2018 CTF Workshop

StormCTF was at ECPI in Raleigh with Raleigh ISSA to test out the VPN mechanism implemented in our new Capture the Flag infrastructure. It was very educational and a lot of fun! Looking forward to events like this in the future!

InfoSeCon 2017: Success!

Storm CTF 2017 at Raleigh InfoSeCon was a great success! We'll be updating the site with challenge write ups as well as stats for those interested in the near future.

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